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Appointments planner suitable for any organisation that has one or more people/rooms/things that require time related appointments scheduling for any date in the future; doctors, dentists, therapists, beauticians, hair stylists, beauty salons, lawyers, practice booths, meeting rooms . . .

  • Unlimited Assets; set up any number of the people, rooms or things that you book visitors in to see or use.

  • Unlimited Customers; easy to use customer database to record their name, address and contact info with appointments history. Customer detail record card includes Google Maps location and route planner.

  • Unlimited Calendar; book an appointment for ANY date whether it be days, weeks, months or years in the future.

  • Unlimited Booking Times; book appointment start times at ANY time of day or night for any time duration.

  • Point and click Planner; simple to use scrollable display of time slots with day to view for all assets or group of assets or week/month to view for one asset, just click a slot to book it or click an appointment to update it, move it or cancel it. View availability for 7 days or 31 days in a scrollable display.

  • Add one or more 'extras' to any appointment e.g. book an appointment for Doctor A and list extras required/used either at the time of booking or during the appointment session

  • Set up a price list for those extras with prices and sales tax rates per item and price them either as tax inclusive or tax exclusive or no tax at all

  • Set up a price list of 'purposes' (reason for the appointment) with prices and sales tax rates per item and price them either as tax inclusive or tax exclusive or no tax at all

  • Repeat Appointments Wizard; Duplicate any appointment and repeat every X days/weeks/months or repeat on the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th M/T/W/T/F/S/S of each month.

  • Email Confirmations and Reminders; batch process for emailing all customers to remind them of their appointment for any date range.

  • Intelligent Planner Display; optionally set the normal working weekdays for EACH ASSET, their start and end times, lunch breaks, planned absence and the planner clearly shows availability and non-availability.

  • Flexible and Semi-Automatic Charging Mechanisms; optionally set up a time related charge for each asset and/or price lists for 'purposes' and 'extras' and calculate the overall charge for the appointment and record payment on arrival/departure. Optionally print/email a bill or receipt for the client. Appointments can be charged based on the asset time (duration of appointment) and/or purpose of the appointment and/or add any number of extras, either calculate them using the booking form wizards or free format entry of line items.

  • Appointments Analysis; many pre-defined reports enable you to keep track of your appointments and analyse asset usage.

  • So simple to use for single or multiple users to share.

  • The database file is multi-user (including the demo) so you can share your information with all your colleagues.

  • No user licences or repeat fees (you buy the "freehold" with the full version)

  • Fully customisable; you will have full access to the database window and all design objects so you can change or add anything you wish

Limitations: Recommended minimum screen resolution 1024x768.
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So Simple to Implement:
  • Download the appropriate file
  • Unzip the contents in to your working folder
  • Open the database file
  • That's it, you're ready to go!
  • Full instructions included.

Feedback: what other people said about Appointments Planner

sharonj of United Kingdom says: " I run a beauty salon and am not a computer whiz! But, all of us here found this so simple to set up and use - and love the appointment confirmation/reminder by email thingy! "

shanise of United States says: " had a lil trouble setting up the email connection but a very helpful reply from support had me going the next day and now, it's great that I can bypass my ms outlook program completely and send direct to my webmail server without all that security warnings c**p ..."

alex of Australia said: "... user friendly. the screens are easy to follow and uncluttered. ..."

anon of United Kingdom said: "... does more than everything that I am looking for ..."

purvent of Australia said: "... it's simple to use as I have a home based business & don't need anything complicated. ..."

maria of Nigeria said: "... nice clean interface good level of functionality and customisable. ..."

cindalebus of United States said: "... totally customizable..we can adjust any element to be what we need. really automates a lot of things we now do by hand. simple..i think any employee will be able to learn and use this program. ..."

cchappell of United States said: "... i just downloaded and started experimenting. but this looks like it will be exactly what we need. I work for a small county government health department here in the us. and they need a simple yet robust appointment scheduler. I just want to say this looks awesome. ..."

jajeden of Australia said: "... ease of use, reporting features and the fact that it can be opened and edited on two computers at once. ..."

anon of United Kingdom said: "... simple quite well thought out ..."

york of United Kingdom said: "... easy to use with good visual display of bookings. I had started to create my own system but this will save me a lot of work and allow me to adapt and add to meet our needs more closely. ..."

mjl of United Kingdom said: "... good layout lots of unexpected functionality ..."

christiane of United States said: "... vibrant easy to use and visually developed - intuitive ..."

mike of United Kingdom said: "... saved me a lot of development time to meet the needs of my team colleagues ..."

russell of Australia said: "... like the ease of access, e-mail reminders daily listing and jump to 7 days in advance, repeat appointments wizard. ..."

jarrod of United Kingdom said: "... easy of use and clear presentation ..."

pwalsh of United States said: "... it has most of the essential elements I was looking for ..."

anon of Canada said: "... i love it. thank you. ..."

genniejust of United States said: "... it is very dynamic and you can add or delete assets as needed ..."

anon of United Kingdom said: "... flexibility in making/amending/changing appointment dates & times - perfect for our needs ..."

yansaneh of United States said: "... i like the interface and the potential it has to meet the needs that I am looking for ..."

oswaldosal of United States said: "... it seems well focused on an appointment planner and very well designed albeit a bit plain looking but, I can spice it up myself (love that all the source code is included) ..."

reederr of United States said: "... i think this will work for our lab schedules. I need to spend more time with it to be sure. I love that it is in access because that fits the standard software we have available ..."

billmeye of United States said: "... easy to use. has the ability to have multiple assets control available times show daily appointments allow control of order for showing each asset wonderful mouse over showing important info about appointments-mail reminders (that is a great one). very powerful scheduler. nice overall look and very easy to use. I was at it within minutes. overall I am very happy to see your product as I am working on a program for a medical practice and did not want to invest the time into an appointment scheduler. ..."

bonjovifan of United States said: "... has all of the options I am looking for with respect to booking musical talent sessions and auditions - fab! ..."

panda of United Kingdom said: "... like the whole app a lot with no dislikes at all and, that I can change the design if I need to ..."

sky of New Zealand said: " very intuitive and easy to use - great email reminder processing. I like the idea of being able to customise it to my exact requirements. ..."

mgray of United States said: " easy interface really easy to use. Had a good flow to how it worked. "

karthoot of United States said: " I like the way you laid this out. Very close to what I was wanting to design myself - saved myself a heap of work! "

stuart of United Kingdom said: " I love the point and click planner display, I've never seen anything like it in Access before! "

anon of Australia said: " I like the plain screen layout and that there are not too many options with confusing menus and buttons ..."

anon of United Kingdom said: "... sends auto email alerts. if I were to buy it, it is reasonably priced. ..."

richard of United States said: "... I am looking for a database for a nutritional consulting and weight management business, this looks like it may work - scheduling multiple resources ..."

andersom of Brazil said: "... this software is really easy to use and I like that I can change the design if I need to ..."

carmel of Australia said: "... works well for me, it gives me the option to customise the underlying design ..."

james of United Kingdom said: "... appears well designed and laid out, I don't think that there is anything missing! ..."

anon of United Kingdom said: "... I like everything. I am an ict teacher and was curious as to how a booking system would work. very simple to use and seems to have all the expected functionality. ..."

david of United Kingdom said: "... it is easy to use and has many useful features ..."

tdcoody of United States said: "... it is intuitively obvious how to set it up and use. ..."

anon of Canada said: "... I like that I can have all my info in the same page and that its set up properly especially for an administration job. ..."

don of United Kingdom said: "... easy to use contained most functionality I require ..."

dchladek of United States said: "... liked that we had a chance to look it over before purchase ..."

sharon of Ireland said: "... easy to use, no training required, just ready to go. ..."

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